Monday, July 7, 2014

Erin Condren Life Planners + $10 off Coupon Code

Erin Condren Life Planners.
I LOVE to stay organized & now the Life Planner will keep me 
on track throughout my daily life & classes!

The Erin Condren Life Planner 
Completely customizable! From the patterns, colors, & fonts the EC Life 
planner becomes truly your own. As someone who previously owns a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda, 
I was all about trying something new for the new upcoming school year.
I just ordered mine in this pattern with a Coral background!

What is Inside:
The EC life planner is FILLED with inspirational quotes & fun colors. Each month is represented by a different quote, select color & faces a full month spread! The daily views are also color coordinated & separated using "Morning, Afternoon, Evening" breakers.. Can you be anymore organized?
Erin Condren grants you every opportunity to stay on track. Each planner is equipped with a large pocket and clear zippered case (filled with goodies). Along with extras you can purchase, the planners come with a clear book mark & loads of stickers to fill your planner with. *Spoiler EC also loves to send you extra goodies such as stickers, notecards, stationary, etc FREE with every order. 

Accessories & Extras:
Love these! Erin Condren truly has the cutest accessories for your planners! Ranging in a bunch of different colors each band will match your EC planner cover perfectly! These Keep it Together bands not only make sure nothing falls out of your bag but also doubles as a pen holder with the little red flag. Can't decide on a color? No prob! Each pack comes with 3 so you can mix & match!

I have yet to purchase any accessories (just the planner) so I can see exactly what I will need & use. Plus with every order EC typically sends $10-$15 off coupons with your next order (a steal1). As of now I definitely think I will be purchasing the Keep it Together elastic bands (I love how you get multiple colors and it doubles as a pen holder), the marker set, and the notepads. I love how all the colors coincide to the inside of the planner and well you know me, I just got to match!

Can't decide on a cover? Well now your in luck!
All of the Erin Condren planners have interchangeable covers & backings! Thats right! Now you don't have to decide on one style planner for the entire year! You can change these covers out as often as you like switching from your personal one with a picture, to your work/blog cover, or even to coincide with holidays or seasons. Believe me I really think this idea is genius and already have some covers in mind that I want to add to my collection!

Some other Erin Condren life Planner Covers that I Adore:

I hope you fall in love with the Erin Condren brand as much as I have & I hope you check out her massive lines for back to school, home, & work. Once my life planner arrives in the next week or so I will definitely do a new post so you can see all the ins and outs of the planner as well as my organizational system!

-Long Island Preppy

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Style Watch: Pretty in Pineapple.

Pretty in Pineapple.
As summer begins I have noticed many new trends that are growing in popularity with clothing, shoes, & accessories. Pineapple patterns have caught my eye as it is perfect for
any summer day. Not only are these patterns cute, they are totally preppy!
Here are some of my favorite pineapple items for summer!

-Long Island Preppy

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shopping Day!

New Purchases.

20% off via Nordstrom's (online only!)

At the mall yesterday I totally took advantage of the C.Wonder Big Sale! They had so many amazing pieces for over 50% off. I just had to buy the striped peplum.. so flattering but unfortunately no longer available online. I also purchased the pullover white shirt, I loved the gold buttons (beware is a bit see-through)! If your looking to take advantage of the big sale I would recommend going in store, they had a lot more sizes and items available than online. I then decided after much contemplation to purchase the Jack Rogers in platinum. I was originally torn between the gold and the platinum however when I went to Nordstrom's, the platinum fit like they were made for my feet. My feet are not wide nor narrow and I know these tend to fit 1/2 a size smaller due to the width, however I ended up purchasing my normal shoe size. I was very shocked at how different the same size fits, I do not recommend purchasing online! When I tried the gold they were extremely narrow, I could barely get my foot in them whereas the platinum slipped right on. I was shocked I didn't need to break these in. I know that Jack's are handmade so this is why they are so different. I'm glad that I didn't order these online because I know they definitely wouldn't have fit right!

-Long Island Preppy

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Style Watch: Crazy for Cork.

Crazy for Cork.

Cork has been a staple this season for designers such as Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and C.Wonder. Every where you look, you can find a cute cork piece that will act as a neutral to your every day summer look. Cork as a material is extremely versatile, you can easily dress it up with fancy gold jewelry or shoes. I LOVE cork for the summer especially the Kate Spade Keds!

My Cork Top Picks:




-Long Island Preppy