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Minnie & Mickey Cupcakes

I for one am no baker but these lovely Minnie & Mickey cupcakes were so easy & fun to make. Inspired by out "Disney" movie night, my friends and I decided to make this cute & delicious treat. 

Here are the easy steps to make these yummy cupcakes!

1. Bake any brand/flavor/type of cupcake you would like (the one pictured is red velvet)
2. Cut a whole in the center (to fill with filling) make sure to save the extra cake piece.
3. Fill the inside with any filling you would like (pictured is cream cheese frosting)
4. Place the extra cake piece on the of the filling and pipe icing around the top.
5. Pick a part a mini Oreo and place on either side to make the ears
6. For Minnie's bow cut a strawberry into little triangles
7. Add sprinkles and your finished!


-Long Island Preppy

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