Friday, June 13, 2014

IKEA: Country Chic.

IKEA: Country Chic

As many of you may or may not know I am an IKEA addict! I love going to IKEA and finding great & unique finds while on a tight budget. Most of my room items (decor/textiles) are actually from IKEA (including the duvet cover above!). I am constantly changing my mood when it comes to room decor, colors, and textiles... I like to keep things fresh and IKEA helps me do just that. Since many of their products are inexpensive (and decent quality) I am constantly able to change up my room on a whim with out blowing my budget. 
Here I posted some of my favorite IKEA items that really describes "country chic" decor that  is currently taking over my room!

1. EMMIE RUTA Duvet Cover: Beige $30: I absolutely LOVE duvet covers because it allows you to change up your bedding depending on your current mood, season, or holiday. Currently on my bed is this lovely duvet in beige! It not only brings a bit of country too your mood but prep as well! And it also comes in pink! 

2. SOCKER VASE SET OF 2: $15 These vases are prefect just as they are for a little decoration or you spruce them up with fresh flowers for a perfect summer look!

3. BISPGARDEN PICTURE: $19 I just recently discovered that IKEA sells great decor artwork ranging in various styles! I loved this pressed flower piece as it is perfect for a country chic style room and it is at a very reasonable price point.

4. EVALILL APRON: $8 I know many may not cook as much (cooking for me is making sandwiches) but this apron is adorable and at a great price (especially if it will get little use). For me since I am NOT the master chef and am constantly in a hurry, this apron is primarily used as a display decoration! I love the pattern and couldn't resist since it matches dish towels!

5. HEDBLOMSTER CUSHION: $20 I adore this pillow and have one very similar form IKEA that currently resides on my couch and bed! I love the intricate stitching as it reminds me of a handmade piece. 

6. EVALILL DISH TOWEL: $5 I love these for the kitchen or even as a decorative towel for your bathrooms. I currently have these two in my kitchen and I like the larger size of them and of course the chic pattern. How could you not pass up 2 for $5

7. LINDVED SIDE TABLE: $20 This side table is cute and perfect for the price. Use as a decorative piece in your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom (like I do!). 

8. LYRIK TABLE LAMP: $40 I wish I knew about this lamp before I purchased a $100 one at Pottery Barn. I really like how this lamp is girly how ever very sophisticated. 

9. PINGLA STORAGE BOXES: $5 (2 pack) I am a sucker for storage boxes and wish they had this pretty pink pattern when I was redoing my room (I had to settle for white). Not only do I love storage boxes to keep all my papers, keepsakes, and misc. items organized; with a three month old puppy I need to keep all my stuff secured away and tidy! 

-Long Island Preppy

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